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#SpringFlingKidLit entry!

Thank you so much to Kaitlyn and Ciara for organzing this wonderful event. I have really enjoyed reading the entries from the other contestants, and it was an interesting challenge to express my story idea in only 150 words! Check out her blog and subscribe to follow along!

Below is the GIF that inspired my entry, celebrating the heartbeats that connect us on Mother´s Day, even if we´re not together on Earth.


(147 words)

At school, we are making pretty cards.

I choose all pink: pink glitter, pink stickers, pink letters.

I feel a tightness in my chest, but hear my Mami`s voice saying,

“When you miss me, just feel your heart. I will always be with you there.”

Bump bump, bump bump, bump bump.

On Sunday, Papi and I take a quiet drive. We pick up Abuela, and she wraps an arm around me.

“Estas bien mi amor?”


But I`m not.

Abuela pins a pink ribbon to my dress, and we go to visit Mami.

When we get to her special place, under the tallest tree, I put my hand on my heart.

I close my eyes.

Bump bump, bump bump, bump bump.

I feel her there.

I put my card onto her stone. Papi places her favorite flowers - tulips.

Feliz dia, Mami. Happy Mother`s Day.

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