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#PBParty Finalist!

March 22nd was a pretty exciting day for me! I was interested to read the list of #PBparty finalists to see if any of my #kidlit friends had made it, and my jaw dropped to my chest when I saw the name of my entry "Marina and the Turtle on the list!" I had to go back and read it about 7 times before I truly believed it. Two of my closest teacher friends were in the break room with me and we ABSOLUTELY held hands, screamed and jumped up and down!!!!!@MindyAlyseWeiss has been an absolute dream - so supportive and encouraging! Check out the showcase here:

Since the showcase it has been a emotional rollercoaster ride - I have loved getting to know my fellow finalists, cheering on their successes and commiserating with their agent and editor passes. So far the event has been incredibly successful - 1 author, 2 author-illustrators and 2 illustrators have signed with agents, and several more have had offers but have not yet signed! Amazing! Of my 3 agent requests and 2 editor requests, I have had one pass in each category. I will keep you all updated on the rest!

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